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October 19, 2004


DEAR TINA: The thing about Notepad, is when I have copied a script and paste it directly into fp html, it doesn't come out right.. I have to paste it in Notepad first, then copy/paste into FP..My question is... why won't it come out right if pasted directly into FP?

Jean's Multiplicity


Copying and pasting to FrontPage

DEAR JEANIE: It does this because it's carrying across the formatting from where you first picked it up, even if that was another page in your own web within FrontPage.

When cutting and pasting scripts unless it's from a textarea box you need to copy and paste to notepad, then copy and paste to the HTML View (fp03 Code View). Using either right click menu or the keyboard makes shorter work of this chore.


  • At 5:09 am GMT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I used to have the same problems when I 'cut and pasted' from various sources into FrontPage. I 'solved' my problems once and for all with 'PureText' (PT), it's Freeware from Steve Miller at ( ). Once installed and started, PT waits for you either click on it's Tooltray Icon or use it's user-defined hot-keys to paste. When you paste _after_ first clicking PT's Icon in the Tooltray or by using the PT hot-keys only the "pure text" is pasted -- all the formatting is removed! This is very, very easy for me now... I just copy normally, and paste with my PT hot-keys. No more starting notepad or trying to locate it's open window. BTW: I defined PT my hot-key as "WinKey + V".

    Michael Rose


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