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May 02, 2005

Conflict with DWT and CSS sheet.

DEAR TINA: in my dwt is a line for font.css that reads

link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="font.css"

when I save and apply to pages it shows up as

link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="_templates/font.css"

but some of the text is NOT in the css directed font. so on a content page if I edit out the part that shows _templates/ all the fonts are restored to the one I want. Seems like there is some kind of conflict and FP will not allow me to format style sheet links any other way that I can figure out practicing on a test site.

is there a way to use font.css and a dwt and get all the fonts to be in the css directed font?

Marshall (from fplist)


When to use an editable region and when not to.

DEAR Marshall: This is because your using

!-- #BeginEditable "misc_head" --

!-- #EndEditable --

For static stuff that appears on every page you don't use editable regions, so take out the editable code for that section if you want the same style sheet on every page. Of course if you have any other style sheets in any other editable region they will stay the same. When you saved the dwt time and time again with the editable codes around the css sheet code, all you were doing was changing the content on the DWT. So when you applied the dwt to NEW pages, it would be changed on ALREADY MADE pages when you saved the dwt and the rest of the site was updated, because the content (i.e. your style sheet link) was in a EDITABLE region. (Editable regions are not updated or they would all look the same) the changes you made were NOT updated.

So the simple solution is, take the editable code for the metas away, it does not need to be there anyway, you will run into the same problem when you try to update your copyright at the end of the year.


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